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Modern Pulp Action: The Oliver Lucas Adventures

I started writing the Oliver Lucas series in 2011. These books take readers on globe-spanning adventures which blend classic pulp fiction with modern urban fantasy. The series currently stands at five novels:

The Staff of Moses
Oliver Lucas travels to Egypt to buy a biblical relic for a corrupt politician. Then he decides to keep the relic for himself.

The Eye of Odin
The real beginning of my own mythology for this series, this novel follows Oliver Lucas as he searches for a relic which might be responsible for the cultural and technological development of Europe.

The Diamond of Souls
Probably tied for my favorite book in the series, Oliver travels to the American south, Paris, and India on a quest to capture pieces of a cursed gem.

Words of Binding
The other book I love from this series, this novel takes Oliver to China, Russia, and Japan as he searches for fragments of a mystical language.

Words of Power
Wrapping up the series, this novel opens literally two hours after Words of Binding. Oliver travels from a burning Japan, across an American descending into madness, and to the heart of Africa on a quest to find the Garden of Eden… and save the world.

Science Fiction Novels

Burning in the Void

A Cold Day to Drown

Ongoing Serial Novels

Danika Blaze: Season 1

Dramatic Realistic Fiction

Apocalypse Summer
Tirzah was raised in the peaceful commune of Revelation Park, Virgina, where she learned to resist the temptations of the world and serve the Lord with her body, mind, and soul. Now the time has come for the Lord’s return, but Tirzah is not sure if she is ready. Then her estranged sister returns to the commune, her closest friend rebells against the Prophet’s law, and Tirzah finds herself questioning the foundations of her life.

Apocalypse Summer is currently in an incomplete alpha state. If you’re intrigued by the concept, apply to join my Beta Readers group on Facebook.