As of 2020 I’ve written eight novels and several short stories. I’ll be the first to admit that my stories range widely in both style and quality, but all of them are special to me in some way.

Each of the stories below can be purchased on Amazon. Many of them, especially the short stories and older novels, can be had for as little as 99¢.

Science Fiction Novels & Thrillers

A Cold Day to Drown

A couple hundred years from now, the seas have risen, governments have failed, and half the population has been wiped out by an engineered plague. In this bleak world, Talbot Liu is a fixer trying to find a missing girl among the chaotic fringes of a city owned by gangs and corporations. Inspired by classics of modern noir cinema like Drive and Blade Runner, infused with the science fiction of Ghost in the Shell and All Tomorrow’s Parties, and tainted with smidgen of end times paranoia, A Cold Day to Drown is a thriller for anyone who likes their stories packed with mystery, violence, and a wood chipper load of dark humor. | Available on Amazon soon.

Dyson’s Angel

In another life, Moira was a relic hunter scouring remote zones of the Shell for scraps of alien technology and human history to sell to the highest bidder, just trying to scrape together enough credits to pay down her debts and escape her past. That was before her lover was killed and uploaded into an alien computer.  Now Moira is the unwilling captain of the insane alien void ship Zau/Heraxo, scrounging for bounties in the corporate zones to earn enough credits to keep her void ship flying and what remains of Zau alive. Scoring the biggest bounty of her career should give Moira her ticket out of this life, but nothing is ever that easy. | Buy now on Amazon.
Note: I am still working on the sequel to this novel.

Burning in the Void

When an interstellar colony ship is stranded in space for two hundred years, the passengers go to extremes to forge stable societies and find some way to survive. | Buy now on Amazon.

Adventure Fiction

Oliver Lucas Adventures

The first novel I completed was an adventure yarn called The Staff of Moses. Featuring characters cast from the mold of Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake, these five novels were my playground for several years. I’m not done writing adventure fiction, but these days I am mostly focused on other genres. I hope you enjoy these lighthearted romps across the globe and through the realms of magic.

  • The Staff of Moses
    Travel to Egypt, encounter brutal mercenaries, fight magical guardians, and search for a relic from biblical times.
    | Buy on  Amazon.
  • The Eye of Odin
    Uncover the mysterious history of Norse gods and discover the powers of a cult of fallen angels.
    | Buy on Amazon.
  • The Diamond of Souls
    Discover a forgotten civilization in the fragments of a magical gem.
    | Buy on Amazon.
  • Words of Binding
    Explore an abandoned psychic research facility from the depths of the Soviet era and discover the brutal history of a cursed forest.
    | Buy on Amazon.
  • Words of Power
    Assemble the parts of a magical device and discover the location of the garden of eden to save the world from a magical apocalypse.
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Dramatic Fiction

Apocalypse Summer

Tirzah was raised in the peaceful commune of Revelation Park, Virgina, where she learned to resist the temptations of the world and serve the Lord with her body, mind, and soul. Now the time has come for the Lord’s return, but Tirzah is not sure if she is ready. Then her estranged sister returns to the commune, her closest friend rebells against the Prophet’s law, and Tirzah finds herself questioning the foundations of her life.

Apocalypse Summer is currently in an incomplete alpha state. If you’re intrigued by the concept, apply to join my Beta Readers group on Facebook.