Raindrops on motherboards
and wisps of smoking tech
teardrops that fall on my 
now useless keyboard…

these are a few of my favorite things!

Remember when the internet was fun, back before, well, anyone started using it? Let’s be honest, the old days of GeoCities were about as bad as anything we face online now, but there was a bit more personality to websites. So, like the hand-coded HTML sites of yore, I present to you my curated collection of favorite things.


  • xkcd
    It’s a classic and I still love it.
  • Digger
    I’m not allowed to tell the story of how I learned about Digger, nor talk to the person who introduced me to it about how great it is. I think this ban is because they were embarrassed to admit to liking Digger, or they were afraid that I’d go all meta-analytical on it. But I’ll put it simply: I love this webcomic. I haven’t loved a comic this hard since Calvin and Hobbes. Go read it, and if you don’t fall in love I seriously question whether we could be friends.


  • The Crystal Method
    One of the oldest and best of American big beat electronica bands. After twenty years as a duo, TCM is now the stage name of just one musician, but Scott Kirkland is still rocking and twisting and modulating his way through some amazing music.
  • Nightwish
    I came to Nightwish as many others did: Through the soaring agonies of Nemo. Three lead singers later, I’m still a massive fan of one of the finest nordic metal bands.
  • Jars of Clay
    One of the longest running and most stable bands in the Christian music industry, Jars also have a wide-ranging music style which encompasses alt-rock, pop, and country.