Being a moderately public figure working a public service job, I feel the need to make a few clarifying statements about the content posted to this website.

First drafts are rough and indie publishing is… hard.There will be continuity errors in my drafts. If you pay to get access to them, you’re paying for the access not for perfection on the first try. Even final novels will likely have typos until I can afford to pay a good editor. I’d love to have my mistakes pointed out in the comments or by beta readers, but please don’t be a jerk about it.

Feel free to leave feedback. I will credit all commenters and beta readers in the acknowledgements of the book, but please be aware leaving a comment does not give you any authorship. Sorry to sound like a jerk, but given how people act on the internet sometimes I need to make it clear that I am the author and any corrections, suggestions, or ideas you post on my site may be used without payment or credit. You’re just giving feedback, not writing the story. Don’t like that policy? Then don’t post comments or apply to be a beta reader.

I write for adults. That’s not to say that my books are intentionally lasciviously sexual or wantonly violent, but sometimes characters and their stories go unexpected places, especially in first drafts… and I do write about adult problems. If you’re offended by something I write, allow me to suggest that you swallow your ire and read up on the history of art and literature, including such anecdotal details as these:

To put it simply: People are complicated and you shouldn’t judge them purely on their art, or the art for which they are best known.

My characters are often unconventional, and often dark. Every book I’ve ever written includes characters who fall within the LGBTQ+ spectrum and many include characters who are not human (or aren’t anymore). My reasons for including these characters are complicated, but shouldn’t need explanation because people are people and, whatever picture the cis-white-male telling of history handed to us by Victorians might paint, queerness, feminism, and multi-ethnic cultures are nothing new.

Every book I write includes characters who express thoughts with which I do not agree, or which I am writing as a thought experiment but would never defend. This is the nature of art.

I am complicated. Not that it should matter to you (a creator’s art should generally be evaluated independently of their person), but if you insist on knowing: My spiritual life could be generally classified as “Christian”, but don’t try to nail me to a denomination or set of dogma. I’m grumpy, but I love getting to know people and helping them. I struggle with anxiety, but I’m a relentlessly positive person.

I am, like almost everyone who is honest with themselves, an eclectic bundle of contradictions, and that is what makes life interesting.